A Compass for Future Learning

At Adventure Montessori, we want to set your children in the right direction! That’s why our academic programs are designed to provide quality education that prepares them for continued growth and success.

Education For the Future

Our Approach

We believe in the Golden Rule—treat others the way you want to be treated—and aim to provide students and parents with a quality and safe educational experience. Our dedicated teachers helps children develop their physical, social, and emotional skills while encouraging them to embrace their curiosity about the world around them!

  • We partner with each family to identify individual goals and plans for the children
  • We develop skills in communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem-solving, and personal-social.
  • We ensure each member of our community receives the support they need to succeed
teacher and student playing.

Find Your Program

Ages 0-1


Watch your baby thrive with the help of our infant program!

  • We focus on sensory, language, social-personal and cognitive development
  • All activities help stimulate infant learning
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Ages 1-2


Our toddler program is both educational and fun, as we believe no two children are alike.

  • A daily routine that is consistent and flexible
  • Activities that support interest and development
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Ages 3-5


Our Primary classes focus on achieving academic milestones and developing social and problem-solving skills!

  • This program is the building block for each child’s preparation for school and beyond!
  • Programs that promote the further development of each child’s natural curiosity
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Ages 6-12


We group children in multi-age classrooms: the Lower Elementary for six to nine year olds, and the Upper Elementary for nine to twelve year olds.

  • Community of inquisitive and self motivated students
  • Comprehensive Montessori curriculum designed to educate the whole child
  • Montessori materials are designed to appeal to a child’s sense of wonder and guide investigations into patterns and relationships
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Summer Camp

Summertime means endless adventures!

  • Imagination and adventure await your child in our camp program.
  • Age-appropriate field trips for older or younger children to maximize their enjoyment
  • Outdoor activities to further develop gross motor skills
  • Children will learn independence and self-awareness by exploring what interests them.
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