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Parents & Community at Adventure Montessori Learning, Inc.

Building Our Future… From the open eyed wonder of infancy, through the toddler’s inescapable scrutiny, into those early years of concentrated purpose… is the foundation upon which the “inner man” is firmly built. Standing upon this foundation, the elementary age child embraces the “who, what and where” in the world around him. He gathers facts and questions, “Why?”

It is the children who will build the future and it is their past and present that have built the children. What an awesome responsibility we have; moment to moment, day to day. The early years from infancy through the elementary years are critical learning years, academically and relationally. Montessori education is about the creation of the whole child and that child’s interconnectedness in the world; first the family, then the school, then the community…and so it grows. Visit Adventure Montessori Learning and view the world through the eyes of a child. Discover the star inside of an apple or a set of wooden prisms that become a stair. Discover the love of learning with your child…

Community… at Adventure Montessori Learning means sharing safe, peaceful interactions with one another. We are a family of adults and children from all over the world, brought together by a common interest in learning, inside and outside the classroom. Social interactions and academic activity characterize our indoor classrooms. Encounters with nature; the feeding and care of animals and the growing and harvesting of fruit and vegetables comprise the outdoor “classroom”. Parents, teachers and children, working together side by side, are weaving AML into a vital school community where each individual’s contribution is valued. Daily, we are shaping our community into a dynamic learning adventure.

Fun Activities for All… Families come first at Adventure Montessori. Our student curriculum is meant to be a family activity! Parent support and involvement is critical in the growth and development of children’s self esteem and academic success. And, it’s just plain fun! Montessori is also a home curriculum, a philosophy for practical living skills. We encourage families to participate in and enjoy the gardens and animals at AML. Feeding the goat or the pig can turn into quite an adventure at times! We also offer a multitude of after school activities, such as music, dance, karate and art to name a few…Keep checking on our web site for updates in how you and your child can become involved!

As we grow so does our Community.

We will be updating this page as our community of families grows larger.
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