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NEW! Primary Lead Guide

Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm.
Schedule 5 days per week.

Primary Lead Job Description

The Teacher understands and promotes the school’s mission, vision, objectives, and policies both within and outside the immediate school community. The teacher is responsible for providing a Montessori classroom environment and curriculum that supports the individual needs of the children in accordance with Montessori principles and the school’s mission and core values. She/he must ensure the development and safety of children in accordance with state, federal, and local regulations and AML’s policies and procedures. Teachers must be respectful of children and parents, and ensure that equipment and facilities are clean, safe and well maintained.

1. Holds a Montessori teaching credential from an AMS/MACTE accredited teacher training program and which corresponds to the age levels taught.
2. Demonstrates an ability to relate sensitively to people of all ages and varied backgrounds.
3. Possesses a professional manner, personal characteristics and mental abilities necessary to work with children, including: (a) respect for and faith in each child, (b) sensitivity to individual’s needs and learning styles, (c) ability to provide appropriate challenges to each child’s learning development, (d) Exceptional amount of patience and flexibility.
4. Demonstrates an interest in upgrading professional qualifications by participation in a staff development program, especially related to the Montessori approach to education.
5. Meets all staff requirements of local and state regulatory agencies.
6. Maintains current First Aid and Pediatric CPR certification.
7. Minimum twelve hours of training per DHR.

Essential Functions
1. Provides for safety and well-being of students and staff always.
2. Carries the primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the educational environment and curriculum consistent with AMS standards, and AML policies and procedures. (a) Develops lesson plans and manages the learning experiences for students to ensure the needs of the group and individual students are met. (b) Assesses the needs of the class and prepares requests for materials per AML procedures, updates inventory as new materials are received and submits an accurate year-end inventory to HOS. (c) Maintains accurate record-keeping and student assessment, including, but not limited to, daily observations, progress updates, on MRX -year and annual progress reports/portfolios, attendance rolls, accident and behavior reports and where applicable, standardized assessment, meeting all due dates as required. (d) Develops positive relationships with families encouraging bonding to the class and the larger school community, communicates child’s development based on the individualized tracking of student progress and when necessary, communicate developmental needs to parents which may include strategies, intervention or support from outside specialists. Maintains regular verbal and written communication with parents. (e) Participates in all parent-oriented activities including the admissions process, orientation, and conferences, sharing events, festivals, society meetings, marketing events and parent work days. Submits written information for media and marketing purposes upon request of the HOS or another administrative staff.
3. Participates in professional development activities designated by the head of school, which may include workshops, curriculum meetings, planning, committee service. Also, nurtures and guides the professional development of the assistants under his/her supervision, including mentoring the assistant in the Montessori philosophy and teaching the assistants how to use materials properly.
4. Maintains a neat, clean, well-organized, and attractive prepared environment consistent with Montessori pedagogy. Ensures that the classroom and associated areas (including playground) meet all licensing, safety, and health requirements.
5. Communicates with the Head of School or Executive Director about any problems or concerns.
6. Attends all AML events as listed in the school calendar as requested by the Administrator.
7. Fulfills cleaning, opening, and lock-up responsibilities, as applicable.

Physical Demands
Person must have enough physical stamina to work effectively with young children and must be able to stand for lengthy number of hours. They also must be able to see and hear children and to lift 45 pounds. Person must be able to work 10 months out of the year. Work hours when school is in session will be scheduled between the hours of 7:30- 4:00, or as indicated in your contract. Must be available, as needed, during summer. Teachers must assist with any opening or closing of school activities. Attendance to Montessori events outside of the normal work week is highly encouraged and sometimes required, depending on the event.


  • Education:High School
  • Montessori Credential Level:Early Childhood

Lead Teacher Responsibilities:
• Facilitate hands-on activities for students.
• Create a fun, safe and caring environment for students.
• Organize and lead small group games and activities..
• Supervise students during program.
• Communicate effectively with students, parents and other staff.

Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Please send a resume and cover letter to Eva Boyd at

Substitute Teaching

Hours: variable

SUMMARY: Substitute teachers are non-contracted employees and work on an as-needed basis. There is no set number of hours or days guaranteed as a substitute. Substitutes will only be called to work at Adventure Montessori if a teacher is out.

NECESSARY SKILLS AND BACKGROUND: Early Childhood Education for infants, toddler or primary age children. We are a Montessori School so if you obtain a certification in Montessori this would be a perfect place for you to sub. You must enjoy children and create a fun learning environment.
We pay a competitive rate of $110/day for substitute teachers.

Please send Resume and application to Adventure Montessori: 250 S. Cherrywood Dr. Lafayette, Co 80026 or email to