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Adventure Montessori Learning, Inc.

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Adventure Montessori Learning offers an educational continuum from infants through the sixth grade. We offer a safe and nurturing educational environment in a Montessori setting. We believe, in our Montessori environment, that every child will become competent, confident, compassionate, and above all capable. We know that within each child is the seed of unlimited potential which will guide that child into adulthood. We emphasize an individualized educational experience as opposed to a strict “one size fits all” based education. At AML we utilize many different modalities to teach and achieve our developmental and educational goals.

Recent research shows that at least 80 percent of a child’s brain development occurs by the age of three. It further suggests that as much as 30 percent of a youngster’s brain capacity can be lost without a nurturing early environment that encourages learning. At Adventure Montessori we believe that the most important years of a child’s education are not high school and college, but the first six years of life. As a result, Adventure Montessori regards infant and early childhood education as the very foundation of everything that follows. Our goal is to treat each student on an individual basis producing self-discipline and a life-long love of learning.

At Adventure Montessori, each child is educated in accordance with their own rate of development. Our focus is to continually stimulate each individual student through an enriched educational environment consisting of activities, materials, and extensions that promote experimentation at every developmental level. Our school proudly features an orchard, vegetable gardens, and our very own animals. Following the the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, we believe, as she did, that within each child is the seed of unlimited potential, that simply needs to be nurtured, and allowed to grow at it’s own pace. So, in essence, we offer each child, the world on a silver platter knowing that the combination of our educational environment coupled with each child’s innate curiosity will promote independence, exploration, and creativity within each child.

We at Adventure Montessori Learning….

We at AML strive to provide the highest possible child care and education for the children and students we care for. We believe our children’s future is dependent upon the investment we make in them today. This is why each day we strive to inspire and encourage our  entire student body to succeed and achieve a lifetime of success!

Adventure Montessori offers you this question: “Have I properly prepared my child for the life that lies ahead?”

At Adventure Montessori we answer that question this way: “We will provide an safe and educational environment, that will facilitate your child’s preparation for life, and all the wonders and joys our world has to offer!”

Adventure Montessori invites you to tour our school to learn more regarding the benefits of our private Montessori school, and day care center programs in Lafayette Colorado. Our individualized Montessori curriculum combined with our exemplary day care services allows for a win-win situation for both children and parents.

Call today (303) 665-6789 to set up your individualized tour of our facility conveniently located in Lafayette, between Denver and Boulder, near Longmont, Erie, Broomfield, Westminster, Louisville and Superior in Colorado.

Adventure Montessori Learning, Inc.

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