SchoolCues Notification System

To call SchoolCues a notification system is an understatement–
Be sure to read about it and sign up–don’t miss out on Parent-Teacher Conferences, Event reminders, incident reports, and much more!

*Use Invitation Code: AMLCUES

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Welcome to SchoolCues!

How to sign-up:

Please use the e-mail ID you have logged in the Parent Information and Applications to the front desk.
The steps are in 2 parts, Registration and Activation. Both these steps have to be completed to start using SchoolCues.
Step 1: Register your account
1) Go to and click on the button which says ‘New User Sign Up’.
2) Enter the Invitation code AMLCUES (case sensitive)
3) Enter your e-mail address and password and confirm password.
4) Enter the verification code shown
5) Accept the terms and click on Create User.
Step 2: Activate your account:
After your account is created, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from , with instructions to activate your account. Click on the link in the e-mail, this will activate your account.
Note: Make sure your e-mail spam settings and security settings are set to allow e-mails from If you do not see an e-mail from in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
After this you will be able to login using your e-mail as login id and password at
Important Things to Remember:
*You can only have one email registered per person.
* Store your Account ID and Password in a safe place since your account may be locked out if you use an incorrect email ID or password too many times. This is by design for security reasons.
* You can update your profile under the Manage Profile link on the top right corner of your home page, where you can change your email address (which will require an account re-activation), your password, your email preferences as well as your cell phone number. This is so that we can send out text messages through the system. Please note that we will only use the text function in situations such as school closures or time sensitive reminders.
How to contact Support?
If you have trouble logging in or with any other task on SchoolCues, please click on the Orange colored Support icon which can be found on the left side of your web page on every screen, and enter the following information:
Your Name, School Name, Description of the issue, and your email address and click on Send Message.
You will be issued a ticket # for your issue and someone from SchoolCues will reach out to you either with a solution or additional questions to help resolve your issue. Do not call the SchoolCues # on the website to ask for help as that may delay the resolution of your issue.


SchoolCues is the primary way the School office and faculty communicate information with parents and families.
a. Please do NOT reply to emails generated by SchoolCues, they will neither get to the teacher nor bounce back to you.
b. If you:
– are not receiving emails from SchoolCues, or
– have received a text but did not receive the accompanying email, or
– have received an email stating there was a text message and you did ot get the text, or
– can’t see the calendar specific to your child/children, please contact your school.
c. We will text families in the event of a delay, closing, or any important notifications. There is a school specific number from where the text will come from. Make a note of this number in your phone so that you do not ignore a text from the school. When a text is initiated, an email will also be sent at the same time. Texts are only used for very specific notifications and will not be used for general information.
1. What is the quickest way to contact and get a response from SchoolCues Support?
Please use the Support button to the left of your screen on the SchoolCues page and always indicate your school name and email id to submit a ticket for the quickest response. Response time from Support will be longer when an email is sent to You will hear back from them within 24 hrs.
2. I left a message for SchoolCues Support over the phone and did not get a response back.
We do not offer phone support as our Customer Support process is entirely done online. As a result, we are unable to respond to any messages over the phone.
3. I do not have my invitation code to register and create my account. The invitation code will be provided as part of the SchoolCues account creation instructions directly from your school. SchoolCues Support will not be able to provide you with your account creation instructions or the invitation code.
4. I did not receive my activation link after I signed up.
On the Sign Up page, click on the link “Activate your account” and then click on Resend Activation Code, enter your email address and click on Send.
Copyright ©2015, All rights reserved For questions, contact:
5. When I click on Forgot Password and enter my email ID, nothing happens.
Clicking on “Forgot Password” will automatically generate a new password provided your email id has been registered in the system. However, if you have not signed up and activated your account on SchoolCues, we will be unable to locate your email in the system. As a result, your password cannot be reset. Please use the Account Creation instructions that you would have received from your school to create and activate your account on SchoolCues.
Please check with your school to confirm that your email id matches that in the school records before registering your account. This is extremely important.
6. When I log in, I am not seeing my child’s name or any other school related activities.
Parent email address should match the email id in the system back end which is associated with your child. If there is a mismatch in the email ID, you will be unable to view your account information and details after login.
7. Should I re-register my account every year on SchoolCues?
It is not necessary to re-register your account every year. Registration and activation is a one-time process unless your email address changes, in which case, it will be necessary for you to reactivate your account as a security precaution.
8. SchoolCues Mobile App Service
a. In order to use the mobile app, the parent should first sign up and activate their account on
b. The SchoolCues account signup and activation process cannot be done using the mobile app. It has to be through
c. The SchoolCues mobile app is available on the IOS and Android platforms and is optimized for the respective phone devices. The app is free to download from the iTunes app store and Google Play.
d. The SchoolCues mobile app is an annual subscription service which is automatically activated under any one of the following two conditions –
a. Your school has purchased the mobile plan option.
b. The app can be activated using the Purchase App link on your SchoolCues parent page after you login. The app is automatically activated once the payment is made and will remain active for the duration of the School year.
Copyright ©2015, All rights reserved For questions, contact:
e. The mobile app service has to be activated (and paid for) at the beginning of the new school year either by the school (as a part of the mobile plan option) or by the parent in order to use the app. The mobile app will be active starting August 1 (current year) through July 31 (following year).
f. If your School has not signed up for the mobile plan option, the cost of the mobile app service is $ 5.99 per parent for the duration of the school year.
g. When contacting SchoolCues Support, clearly indicate if your issue has to do with SchoolCues mobile or SchoolCues web.